Leverage Points

Making money is hard work and a constantly evolving challenge. Making lasting change is harder. Leadership must ask not only, “What’s wrong, and how do we fix it?” but also, “What’s possible, and who cares?” Organizations face many predictable transitions while addressing these fundamental questions. These transitions often include:

  • Addressing structural changes in ownership, family or management. Integrating an acquisition or considering a divestiture.
  • Improving board, management, and decision-making processes.
  • Pursuing risks and opportunities internal and external to the organization. Seeking growth and expansion into new markets. Effectively utilizing new funding or driving efficiency and effectiveness in the organization.
  • Facing disappointment in results or key initiatives within the organization; when things have ‘gone wrong’ or you wish they were better.
  • Following market shifts. Customer needs are more complex; and quality, cost, and delivery requirements are greater than ever. Technology and competition have rapidly changed economics, while constant innovation has changed the rules of competition.

Management faces difficult choices in nearly every situation. We help our clients focus and further develop their thinking so they can better inform critical decisions and reduce the risk of failure during implementation.